We survived Bush. You will survive Obama


«What if it was your home instead?» [July 2014, Gaza]


«What if it was your home instead?» [July 2014, Gaza]



President Obama came down hard on gun-control laws during today’s Tumblr Q&A. 


Oh my fucking god

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Marco Rubio was discussing gay marriage, and how apparantely he isn’t “anti-gay, he’s pro-traditional marriage”

AKA: I’m not a homophobe but I will use every excuse possible to deny such, even it’s the same one homophobes use.

And of COURSE I’m going to be intolerant of those who want to deny rights to human beings. There’s a difference between having an opinion and hurting people with your opinion. If you’re anti gay-marriage, you are a homophobe and you deserve to be labeled as such.


If actual holocaust survivors can acknowledge Israel is fucked up straight out there is literally 0 excuse for removed Jewish American teenagers to be all “my emotional attachment to Israel makes things complicated”. It’s a fucking genocidal state, there is nothing “complicated” about supporting ethnic supremacy and genocide, you’re a piece of shit is what it is.


I don’t understand why people are pro-Palestine/Hamas. That’s the equivalent to being pro-terrorism.

Or anti-genocide, anti-school bombings.  Last I checked, Palestine wasn’t defined by Hamas. Also, how is bombing a school NOT terrorism?

Just a reminder to all the illegal immigration sympathizers:




We have children here who are starving, and stuck in violence. 

They don’t get to run from their situation. 

Why are we taking care of criminals, when we have children here who have done nothing wrong? 

Because America isn’t the most violent country in the world? These are children running from conditions worse than what would happen in America. Also, nobody is “illegal”.

No one is illegal? What is this third dimension I have stepped into lol. No but really, that tops the list of most stupid shit liberals say list. So what? Shits bad here. Children who are here legaly, who are America do not take the second seat to illegals. 

"Stupid shit liberals say" I hope conservatives are aware that what someone does does not define them as a person. Nobody calls a robber an "illegal stealer". They are undocumented, not illegal. 

So, because shit is bad we shouldn’t help people? America has ALWAYS had refugees, and you and I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for both undocumented and documented immigration.